Triathlon Newbies Should Consider These 4 Tips

Are you thinking about joining a triathlon competition? If you have enjoyed athleticism in the past or are involved in endurance sports and are interested in joining a triathlon, the first step is to know exactly how to approach your triathlon training. Training correctly is very important when it comes to endurance sporting events like triathlon. If you do not have enough training, then your competitive performance will be poor and you may even become injured or ill as a result.

What should triathlon newbies keep in mind?
1 – First and foremost, when you are first starting out it is absolutely vital that you pace yourself. You need to avoid trying to prove to anyone else that you can do it, including yourself, your family, your spouse, or even your dog. You need to be able to start off slowly, and you need to be able to gradually build yourself up to longer workouts and greater speeds. If you do not do this, the only thing that you will prove is that you can make yourself too exhausted to be able to be competitive properly on race day. If you don’t take things slow, you’ll go too far and will end up hurt or sick, potentially for weeks.

2 – Next, you need to keep in mind how important it is for you to stretch well. Lack of stretching is going to rob your muscles of their strength, as well as taking flexibility away from your movements, which can lead to some truly serious injuries. Your stretching regimen should be truly involved, and it should it should cover all of your muscle groups at once. You should take your time, and you absolutely should not ever take stretching lightly because it is truly vital for your training regimen.

3 – If you ever feel like you are too tired to work out in the same intensity level that you planned, stop. This does not mean that you cannot push yourself to the limit, but what it does mean is that you need to know and thoroughly understand your capabilities and limits. If you go too far, you put yourself at risk for injury, illness and burn out. You need to be able to listen carefully to your body to know when you are strongest, and when you truly need to rest in order to restore your health.

4 – Building on the aforementioned tip, when you build a schedule for working out, you should stick to it, but only as long as you are not putting yourself at risk. Build a strong mental focus and you will find it easier to be committed and to feel energized when you go about your workout every day. You should plan your workouts up until the day before the race, exercising caution not to overdo it or to over tax your body.

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