Training Tips for Beginners Who Race for Fun

race-for-funThere is a large variety of athletes who participate in triathlons. These can range from the professional triathlete to the people who just appreciate being able to compete and finish. These different types of athletes lead to different requirements when it comes to training. The professional type of athlete will train to push his capabilities, and develop his technique. However, the latter type of athlete shouldn’t have that approach to training. They compete for fun and health, and training should not be any different. Here are some training tips for beginners who race for fun.

– Fun is most important. Instead of speed, focus on distance goals. You should be sure to become use to running and jogging before a more intense running regimen

Work on distance before intensity. Slowly build up your distance until you reach your goal. Once you have met your goal, and then build up intensity.

Wear the proper attire. Comfortable clothing should be, with supportive running shoes.

-Similarly run or walk on smooth, soft surfaces when you can.

-Repeat workouts enable the athlete to quickly building up their capability in jogging. At a track, the way to train is to jog one lap followed by walking one lap. When that becomes easy, go for 2 laps jogging, one lap walking.

– Learn about the race conditions that you will face in your triathlon. If you will run on pavement versus a dirt path, the bike portion will be held in hilly terrain; you can match your training to the race day so you are comfortable and can better enjoy you race.

– Do not worry about special features on your bike or special shoes. Just try to be comfortable.

-Know the distances in the race, and train for 110%. If you will run for three miles, train for three and a half. A half mile swim should be trained for with swimming for 3/4 of a mile.

-Rest when you need it. You are planning on just finishing, so do not worry about rushing through transitions. That is where the body becomes taxed the most, when having to transition over a few seconds. Instead, take you time, stretch a little, and enjoy the race.

-Bring support to the triathlon. Friends and family can provide great motivation to help you through the more difficult legs of the race.

-Prepare for long workouts and races by taking food and water with you. If you are feeling thirsty, then it is too late to drink fluids. Also do not experiment with food choices, instead picking something that the body will readily accept.

-Prepare for the race a few days in advance, making sure not to forget anything on race day.

-Most important: make an appointment and get a checkup and talk to you doctor before competing. A triathlon is a taxing experience which your body should be in good enough shape to attempt.

Following these steps will help ensure a fun and enjoyable triathlon experience for the beginning athlete.

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