The New Generation of Biking Clothing

biking-clothingMany people into biking can tell you about the days when all biking clothing was made out of spandex or some other kind of material which does not breath. They will also tell you horror stories about not wearing the right clothing while biking. The good news is there are so many different kinds of clothes which are designed just for the cyclist. You will be able to find clothes which will help to protect you will they keep you safe and comfortable at the same time.

The Best Socks for Biking

One piece of biking clothing which does not get a lot of recognition is the sock. There are biking socks which are made of bamboo which elevate the comfort level for the biker to a whole new level. This is because of the unique properties bamboo brings to the table. The fibers in bamboo naturally have the ability to absorb three times the amount of moisture as cotton. This will help your feet to stay cool and dry. The other good news about bamboo socks is their natural antibacterial qualities. This will allow your feet to actually stay free from odor while you sweat.

The Comfort of Biking Pants

The pants which are designed for biking clothing have been designed to help you stay comfortable while you are in the saddle. The pad which is in the seat of the pants have been designed to provide you with a soft seat. They have also been designed to absorb moisture which will prevent you from having a moist groin area. Staying dry in the groin will not only help you to stay more comfortable, it will help you to avoid such problems as jock itch. This will make it possible for you to stay comfortable even while you are not on the bike.

Why Jerseys Are Superior to Shirts

There are a few different reasons why you should opt for biking clothing over street clothing. For one thing the biking jersey has quite a few advantages over the regular shirt. For one thing, you can unzip the biking jersey should you get hot. This will allow you to still have protection from the sun while allowing more air to get in to your torso. Jerseys also have pockets on the back which you can store things like food and extra water bottles. This will help you to stay hydrated and fueled without having to install a basket on your bike.

Good Glasses Make a Difference

Another piece of biking clothing you should not be without is not technically clothing. This is the glasses you wear. It is a good idea to wear glasses which have protection from UV rays. This will help to protect your vision while you are riding and after you are off the bike. The added benefit you get from the right glasses is the ability to protect your eyes from having bugs and other objects fly into them.

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