How to Get to the Finish Line


There are many different reasons that a person may decide that they would like to compete or participate in a triathlon, do one of the multiple types of cycling, swimming or running and more. These are all activities that many people find enjoyable but are also all activities that take training. One of the main […]

Curious About What is Involved in Training for a Triathlon?


For people who are not professional athletes but are still interested in training for a triathlon, the concept of training ahead of time might seem like a lot of impossible work with no guarantee of any rewards. In reality, training for a triathlon is something that is well within your grasp, no matter what your […]

The Challenging World of the Womens Triathlon


The triathlon is one of the most challenging races known to man. It tests you on so many different levels that it takes a strong endurance level just to be able to train for it. Not everyone can compete on the same level which is why there are separations for age, sex and skill levels. […]

Great Triathlon Equipment Makes All the Difference


Some people think competing in a triathlon means wearing what you would normally wear in the different individual sports. This is not accurate. In fact, you should have special triathlon equipment to help you get the highest level of performance possible. Make sure you choose the equipment which is recommended by those who have competed […]

Triathlon Training 101


Are you planning on training for your first triathlon? This is not an easy task for anyone to master if they do not know the ropes. There are three completely unique disciplines that are involved, and you are also going to need to be lifting weights and training in other ways. How are you going […]