Improving Your Swim Technique to Improve Speed


Swimming is a sport which many people engage in either by itself or as a part of a triathlon. You can use it for general fitness or as a sport. Those looking for greater speed from their swimming will need to have the right swim technique. This means paying attention to your form and how […]

Choosing the Right Triathlon Bike


The biggest step in figuring out what type of bike you should ride in for your triathlon is to determine what kind of money you have in your budget for the right bike. This is going to be absolutely the biggest factor in helping you to determine which bike is best going to meet your […]

Review of Barracuda B300 Swimming Goggles


If you are looking for a pair of positive pressure swimming goggles, consider the Barracuda B300 goggles, which are part of the Barracuda line. This concept makes use of a closed cell foam in order to seal against your skin without requiring suction, and what this means is that as a result you have a […]

Finding the Beginner Triathlon Right for You


As more people discover the triathlon, there is more pressure to create easier competitions. One of the events which are becoming more common is the beginner triathlon. Quite often this is an event which is held at the same time as other more intense races. This creates unique opportunities which were not previously available. It […]

Joining Running Groups for Fun and More


For many people, there is nothing more they need from running than the shear thrill of running. Others run for the exercise but take no special joy in it. Others still seek to run on a more competitive level. No matter what you are looking to get out of running, you are sure to find […]