Review of Barracuda B300 Swimming Goggles


If you are looking for a pair of positive pressure swimming goggles, consider the Barracuda B300 goggles, which are part of the Barracuda line. This concept makes use of a closed cell foam in order to seal against your skin without requiring suction, and what this means is that as a result you have a […]

Strength Training for a Triathlon


Strength training is capable of being a vitally important part of the training program for all triathletes. Maximizing the quality of your workout should be your prime objective when it comes to developing a solid strength program that is going to benefit your triathlon progress. There are a wide variety of different tools today that […]

Effective Swim Workouts for Triathletes


Training for a triathlon is never an easy task. You not only push your body to the edge, you need to engage in specialized forms of training to get the performance you need. This is as true for swim workouts for triathletes as for any other section of the race. The reason why the exercises […]