Conquering the Swim in the Triathlon


The majority of the athletes that are participating in triathlons actually have a fair bit of reservation when it comes to the race’s swimming portion. Even good swimmers still have reservations regarding the swimming leg of the triathlon event, and it would be crazy not to be a little worried about the requirements of this […]

Maximizing the Swim Stroke for Better Performance

There is a misconception with many swimmers that the stronger their body is the more powerful their swim stroke will be. While this is an important factor in your performance, it is not the most important factor. The most important factor is the manner in which you are performing your stroke. This includes paying attention […]

Swim League


Every swimmer is looking for an advantage over the rest of the pack. One source which remains untapped for many people is the swim league. They view a league as a team effort and would prefer to swim on their own. The thing to keep in mind here is unless you have the money to […]

Review of Barracuda B300 Swimming Goggles


If you are looking for a pair of positive pressure swimming goggles, consider the Barracuda B300 goggles, which are part of the Barracuda line. This concept makes use of a closed cell foam in order to seal against your skin without requiring suction, and what this means is that as a result you have a […]

Preventing Injuries While Triathlon Training pt 1


In our athletic careers, many of us have experienced injuries. Some of these setbacks only seem to sideline us for a couple of days or a couple of weeks while others are capable of ending our careers. It is important that you learn how to listen to your body before you end up injured beyond […]