Attain Victory with the Right Triathlon Gear pt 2


… Continued from Attain Victory with the Right Triathlon Gear pt 1: The seat tubes have steeper angles and they allow for more of the leg muscles to be contributing to the pedaling force. Since more body muscles are being engaged, there is less strain being placed on each individual muscle, which gives you a […]

Attain Victory with the Right Triathlon Gear pt 1


Throughout our existence, one of the deciding factors in who survives and who doesn’t has been technology.It is the innovation of technology that has allowed us to push ourselves to new horizons along the way. In all aspects of our life, having the right gear and equipment is absolutely essential in guaranteeing our success in […]

Training Tips for Beginners Who Race for Fun


There is a large variety of athletes who participate in triathlons. These can range from the professional triathlete to the people who just appreciate being able to compete and finish. These different types of athletes lead to different requirements when it comes to training. The professional type of athlete will train to push his capabilities, […]

Running in a Triathlon


Triathletes have a bigger challenge than just the cyclist, the swimmer or the runner since they have to compete in all three sports consecutively.  Very often, an athlete will excel at one or two parts of the competition but have room for improvement in the third, and this will very often keep an athlete from […]

Preventing Injuries While Triathlon Training pt 2


Preventing Injuries When Running Running is actually the sport of the three that is most capable of causing injury. Running injuries are unfortunately quite rampant, and most runners have certainly received a fair share of running injuries. Here are some tips to improve your technique and your gear so that you can prevent injuries while […]