Womens Bicycles


Too many people think about the design which was made popular in the 1800’s for womens bicycles. These had a low sweeping top tube to accommodate a dress. These days there is no longer a need for the low top tube. There is however, still a need for a different design in the bike. This […]

Cycling Glossary Continued


Handicap – Handicap races are quite popular in Australia, in them, the racers start at different points on the track based on their performance. “Scratch Men” are the fastest of the riders, and start at the traditional starting line and “out markers” are the rest of the riders and depending on their speed can get […]

More Cycling Glossary Terms


A good part of understanding your triathlon training and performance is having a grasp on the lingo. Here is a guide to cycling terms that you should know in order to get the most out of your experience. Derailleur – When gears are shifted on a bike, the derailleur is the mechanism that changes which […]