Training Tips for Beginners Who Race for Fun


There is a large variety of athletes who participate in triathlons. These can range from the professional triathlete to the people who just appreciate being able to compete and finish. These different types of athletes lead to different requirements when it comes to training. The professional type of athlete will train to push his capabilities, […]

The Growing Popularity of the Half Ironman Triathlon

Busselton Half Ironman

The Ironman is a competition which is reserved for only the most in shape individuals. People aspire to be able to compete the competition, but do not believe they have the level of fitness required to complete the challenge. This is why the half Ironman triathlon has been growing in popularity. You do not have […]

Triathlon Training 101


Are you planning on training for your first triathlon? This is not an easy task for anyone to master if they do not know the ropes. There are three completely unique disciplines that are involved, and you are also going to need to be lifting weights and training in other ways. How are you going […]