Choosing the Right Triathlon Bike


The biggest step in figuring out what type of bike you should ride in for your triathlon is to determine what kind of money you have in your budget for the right bike. This is going to be absolutely the biggest factor in helping you to determine which bike is best going to meet your […]

Triathlon Newbies Should Consider These 4 Tips

Are you thinking about joining a triathlon competition? If you have enjoyed athleticism in the past or are involved in endurance sports and are interested in joining a triathlon, the first step is to know exactly how to approach your triathlon training. Training correctly is very important when it comes to endurance sporting events like […]

5 Steps to Improving your Triathlon Swim


Swimming is a sport that can be extremely technical, and as a result, determining how you can concentrate on improving your triathlon swimming capabilities is often difficult. Here are five steps that you should be taking in order to improve your swimming capabilities for an upcoming triathlon. There is no real specific order to these […]