Swim League

swimleagueEvery swimmer is looking for an advantage over the rest of the pack. One source which remains untapped for many people is the swim league. They view a league as a team effort and would prefer to swim on their own. The thing to keep in mind here is unless you have the money to hire your own coach, this is the best way to get the kind of instruction which will help you improve. You will also be able be in constant competition with those you are in a league with.

Choosing a Good League

Most cities will have more than one swim league you can join. This is true no matter what age you are. Take the time to find a league which has a good reputation. This is important because the better the team is, you better instruction you will receive. You can practice all day every day, but unless you are practicing correctly you will not improve. The old adage of practice makes perfect should be changed to “perfect practice makes perfect.” What makes a good league includes those which produce good swimmers with good swim times.

Swimming is Mental

If you are worried about joining a swim league because you do not want to be held back, it is important to remember how individualized swimming is. Even when you are swimming in a relay event, you have to swim for you. You can only ever swim to the best of your ability. This means when you train with a group, you will gain the ability to swim better as an individual. While you will learn as a group, what you can only do as good as you allow yourself to. This is why in a league setting, you will still have stand out performers.

Leagues Have the Right Training Equipment

Another advantage you will have when training with a swim league is equipment. Leagues will possess the kick boards, floaters, paddle boards and flippers you can use to train with. You will not only have access to the equipment which will make you a better swimmer, you will receive the instructions on how best to use the equipment you are training with. This will make you a better overall swimmer as well as help you in training individually after you decide to train on your own.

Challenges in Training

Another advantage you get in joining a swim league is the constant challenges you get from the other members. You will swim against each other to practice what you have learned. While you should always challenge yourself, it is always fun to mark your performance against others. The better the people you train with, the more of a challenge you can create for yourself. Challenging yourself mentally and as a member of a team will allow your performance level to be the best it can possibly be. Even if you will eventually leave the league, you will learn training skills which will improve your performance for the rest of your life.

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