Swim Gear

swimgearThere is more to swim gear than just a pair of swim trunks. The gear you purchase will help you to train as well as during competitions. You do not have to spend a lot on the stuff you will use. The important thing is more just to have the equipment which will help you to get the most out of your swimming. You can invest in items which will help to strengthen the muscles you will use during competition, equipment to reduce drag and items which will make it possible for you to swim more comfortably.

Training Gear

There are many different kinds of swim gear you can use to train with. Of the most recognizable is the kick board. This helps to improve the strength of your legs. You can either use the board with or without flippers. The way the board helps you is by allowing your torso to stay out of water and creating drag. Your legs alone will be responsible for forward momentum.

For those looking to build upper body strength, the swim gear you can purchase is a little different. You can purchase push boards which strap on to your hands. These are little more than pieces of plastic in a square. How they help you is by giving you a good idea about whether you are completing a proper stroke or not. All power from your stroke will be translated instantly into movement. You can also purchase floaters which are clenched between your thighs. This creates more drag and forces your legs to stay together. This helps to build upper body strength while training you to keep your legs together as you swim.

Drag Reducing Equipment

The kind of swim gear you wear should help you to swim faster by reducing drag. This starts with the right suit. This includes making sure the suit is as close to your body as possible. One thing to look out for here are seams which do not bulge out from the suit as it meets your body. Another important piece of equipment to reduce drag is the swim cap. This is little more than a piece of latex which will be stretched over your hair and head. The cap should contain all of your hair as well as your ears. This will reduce as much drag as possible from your head without having to shave off all of your hair.

Comfort for the Swimmer

Not all swim gear has to be uncomfortable when you wear it. In fact, some pieces of equipment will actually improve your comfort as you are swimming. One of the most important pieces of equipment which will make your swimming more comfortable is the right swim goggles. While the square frame goggles are very popular, it is possible to buy goggles which are more like bubbles. These will reduce drag while allowing you to see in every direction. This way whether you are in competition or in training, you will not have to compromise anything.

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