Strength Training for a Triathlon

compund-exercises-triathlonStrength training is capable of being a vitally important part of the training program for all triathletes. Maximizing the quality of your workout should be your prime objective when it comes to developing a solid strength program that is going to benefit your triathlon progress. There are a wide variety of different tools today that you can use as an athlete in order to benefit yourself in strength training and getting stronger. You need to learn how to coordinate as well as support your own body as effectively as possible in order to maximize the gains that you receive by the time race day rolls around.

Some exercise machines appear to be good for the end result, but do not actually produce the results that people are looking for. One example of such a machine is the chest press machine. This machine will not allow you to get the most out of your strength training routine for triathlon training. The machine allows for you to sit down and then push your arms out straight using resistance, but this one track movement is actually preventing most of the muscles in your upper body from ever balancing a level of stability, which means that you are not getting the most out of this work out no matter how you try.

In order to get the absolute best possible results out of your training for a triathlon, you need to simulate the conditions of the race as best you can. The way that you can do this is to figure out the best ways to simulate the behaviors that you will exhibit in the race and work on those instead of machines that will not balance your core stability. Here are three things that you absolutely need to focus on in strength training for your upcoming triathlon.

– * As a triathlete you should be focusing on whole body exercises and exercises capable of working multiple joints at once. What multi-joint means is that more than a single joint should be getting involved in every exercise movement, such as squats and lunges for example.

– * Free weights as well as exercise bands tend to be more practical than machines when it comes to training for a triathlon. When you are using these particular tools for strength training, you have to stabilize your body much better than when a machine is doing some of the work for you.

– * You should be constantly aiming to support your entire body while you are doing your strength training exercises. If you sit on a stable surface like a weight machine, you will not be as balanced or prepared come race day.

If you keep these three things in mind, you will prepare yourself better for your triathlon because you will build a strong core and a good balance and stability unlike anything you had before you began your strength training routine.

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