Preparing Yourself for the Triathlon Run

Michael races in 2009 Escape from Alcatraz TriathlonRunning in a triathlon is unlike any other running you have done in your life. This is because the triathlon run is completed after you have already swum and rode a bike. You will be tired and ready to stop, but you will need to dig in and find a new well of strength. The running portion of the race will start after you have already found your second and maybe even your third wind. This is why the training you go through should teach you to push through the walls of fatigue.

Increase Your Running Distance

The first thing you will need to do when preparing for the triathlon run is to increase the distance you are running every morning. This is not something you can do fast. If you add an extra mile to your morning run without any build-up, you can seriously injure yourself. The best advice is to make sure you are increasing your distance gradually over time. Increase at a rate of 10% every week. This will allow your body to work into the increased distance. If it takes you longer to work into the increased training amount, that is okay.

Increase Your Speed

Once you have reached a good training distance for your triathlon run, it is time to work on your speed. This is once again something which will have to happen slowly. If you try to run fast in a race after you have been jogging every morning, your body will simply crash. Make sure you are setting goals in your training schedule which will allow you to slowly work towards lowering the amount of time you need to finish the distance you have set for your training. This way you will condition your body to the higher level of performance.

Find a Good Pace

Make sure you are working at a good pace while you are training. This is good advice no matter what you are training for. In the triathlon run, you will want to make sure you are not thrown off your pace by those around you. If you always train at a good pace, this will translate into a pace which will be manageable in your actual race. One way to maintain a pace is to create a cadence which you can use. This way if you feel you are out of pace you can easily reset yourself by thinking about your cadence. This can be something like what the military uses to stay in step.

Dry Runs Are Important

The triathlon run will be different from just running and you need to be ready for what you are facing. The beast way to do this is to go through a dry run. This means setting up a triathlon course of your own. You should try to get friends to help you with this so your equipment will be where you left it. Make sure that you have the right amount of strength and stamina to finish the race before you run in it.

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