Running in a Triathlon


Triathletes have a bigger challenge than just the cyclist, the swimmer or the runner since they have to compete in all three sports consecutively.  Very often, an athlete will excel at one or two parts of the competition but have room for improvement in the third, and this will very often keep an athlete from […]

Preventing Injuries While Triathlon Training pt 2


Preventing Injuries When Running Running is actually the sport of the three that is most capable of causing injury. Running injuries are unfortunately quite rampant, and most runners have certainly received a fair share of running injuries. Here are some tips to improve your technique and your gear so that you can prevent injuries while […]

Swim Gear


There is more to swim gear than just a pair of swim trunks. The gear you purchase will help you to train as well as during competitions. You do not have to spend a lot on the stuff you will use. The important thing is more just to have the equipment which will help you […]

More Children Bike Competitively


The popularity of biking in America has meant an increase in how many children bike competitively. There has been a switch between those who bike for fun and those who are biking for a reason. This creates a unique opportunity for parents who enjoy biking and would like to share the activity with their children. […]

Good Advice on Running for Beginners


Running is a sport which is easy to get in to. You do not need a lot of specialized equipment to get started. Running for beginners only requires a good pair of shoes and some good advice. This way you can get started off the right way. The most important things to remember is to […]