More Cycling Glossary

biking-glossaryMadison – Named after Madison Square Garden, which was the home of the original six day races. Madisons are team races that can last from six hours long all the way to six days long, with a team consisting of two to three riders. Each team will only have one rider racing at any given time, riding as hard as they can for a lap or two before being replaced by another team member.

One of the things that set Madison races apart from others is that the team member entering the race is catapulted into the race by the rider coming off of their turn using a specially designed handle that is kept in the back pocket of their racing shorts. Victory is gained by being the team which has traveled the largest distance.

Match Sprint – This is an event generally run like a tournament. It involves a series of races between two riders with the winners going on to the next level of competition until an overall winner is determined. Many times there is a repechage, or second chance, for riders who lose in the first round of matches.

Miss-and-Out – This is a variety of race that uses the mass start rule, in each lap of a miss-and-out race the final rider to cross the finish line is eliminated from the race. Once the field of competition is narrowed to a certain number of riders, the riders will sprint to the finish to decide the winner.

Motor Pace – In a motor pace race, every competitor rides behind a moped or a small motorcycle which provides them with a slipstream.

Neutral Support – Neutral support refers to help that is provided to a rider by anyone other than a fellow team member. An example is a follow truck which contains spare parts, tires, and a mechanic to aid riders who are experiencing mechanical issues. This is not always allowed by the rules, for example in a race using mountain bikes a rider using neutral support will be disqualified.

Noodle – Noodling is described as being riding at a slow and yet casual pace.

Olympic Sprint –
An Olympic sprint race is a type of pursuit race with participants competing in teams of three. At the end of a lap, the lead cyclist of each team leaves the race until the third and final lap when the last riders from each team race to the finish line.

Pace Line – This is a group, usually riding in an echelon, who swaps the lead position so that the rest of the group can ride on the lead rider’s draft.

Peloton – The field is also known as the peloton in certain circumstances.

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