Keeping a Triathlon Schedule to Improve Performance

performance-bikesWhen training for a triathlon, it has been proven a good triathlon schedule will help you to improve your performance. This is because you will be able to create a good training plan and make sure you are able to stick to your plan. You can decide on which days you will accomplish which training tasks. This way you will not skip such important things as running a practice triathlon before the actual event takes place. The right planning is all you need to make the difference between finishing and doing your best.

Swimming Schedule

In your triathlon schedule you need to have the right percentage of time dedicated to swimming. This should be anything from drills to a long, steady swim sessions. Giving yourself some variety in your swimming will help to keep things from getting monotonous. This is especially important if you are unfamiliar with swimming as an exercise. Take the time to concentrate on your swim stroke as well as your endurance level. Because the swimming is only one part of the event, you want to make sure you will still have a lot of energy at the end of the swimming portion.

Running Schedule

Running is another part of the triathlon schedule which must be planned out. People will make a lot of excuses as to why it is not a good day to go running. Buying the right rain gear will help you to run in the rain if you have to. While the treadmill is not the optimal training environment, it is a lot better than taking the day off from running. It is important that you learn the endurance which will only happen from putting in the time on the ground.

Cycling Schedule

The cycling part of the triathlon schedule is perhaps the easiest part to keep motivated with. This is because many people view it as the easiest part of the triathlon. Make sure this does not cause you to take the portion any less seriously. You should always be pushing yourself to ride faster and improve upon the cycling leg of the triathlon. This will help you to make up time you might have lost in other portions of the competition. Make sure the schedule you create will include a rigorous training schedule on the bike. This should include climbs even if there are no climbs in your route.

Practice Triathlon

Perhaps one of the most important parts of the triathlon schedule is the dry runs. To complete these, it is a good idea to employ your friends to help you. This is because you need someone to be able to help you if you are in trouble. Your friend can also make sure you have what you need where you need it. The last thing you want is to set out your equipment only to find it lost or stolen when you go to retrieve it. Go as hard and as fast as you can in these dry runs to see how prepared you are and improve.

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