How to Get to the Finish Line

snailThere are many different reasons that a person may decide that they would like to compete or participate in a triathlon, do one of the multiple types of cycling, swimming or running and more. These are all activities that many people find enjoyable but are also all activities that take training. One of the main reasons that many run triathlons are the programs themselves they may be participating in.

Some triathlons or other related evens are for causes such as breast cancer or aids and more. This can mean a great deal to a person morally and emotionally especially if they have had a family member or have themselves had to deal with the cause that the event is for. Many of these events have proceeds that go to victims or to help these things not happen to more people and for many people this is very important and is there way of making a difference. In addition, it means that each person who participate counts and each person who can make it till the end also counts, to some their speed may count but to most it is simply having the endurance to be able to make it to the end.

As mentioned above the main thing a person will need to be able to complete a triathlon is endurance. For many people they prefer to say stamina is what is needed but no matter what way you chose to look at what is needed what a person’s main goal should be is to be in good enough shape to be able to make it across the finish line. This is true for running, swimming, cycling and triathlons. When competing in order to win you still should make sure to make a point of strengthening your stamina or endurance because these are what you need to be able to make it through a triathlon or a competition in any of these areas.

When training for endurance or stamina you need to be able to make time for yourself to be able to train and you need to start early. When you find out you will be entered into one of these events you should try to start building endurance as soon as possible. It can be helpful if you use the activity itself to help you build this endurance. This normally starts with setting a timed limit for these actions such as swimming for one hour or more or running for an hour and not allowing yourself to stop.

Some individuals need to start at much lower amounts of time such as five minutes or even fifteen, and then you work yourself to longer amounts of time. When you do this you are helping to make sure you will be able to pass that finish line. While some people compete simply to win others simply enjoy the feeling of knowing that they did it and that they achieved something that others have not been able to.

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