First blog from a Tri-newbie (and the damaged cat)

When I was given the opportunity to share some of my thoughts on the sport of Triathlon, at first I was super eager to get started. I thought I was ready to jump right in and type away, but then of course writers block hit (well that and our cat was hit by a car, and we got the cat to catch a mouse, who upon seeing our heavily bandaged cat taunted us in high pitched mouse laughter and invited several of his friends over). You see, I’m not really a triathlete and maybe I don’t have as much to say as I originally thought. You can click through this great site and read fantastic advice on nutrition and training from people who have really been there, really done that. I’ve done a lot of things in my life but so far, crossing the finish line of a long course triathlon is not one of them.

I do however, have to admit that the sport captivates me, just like it does so many other people. I just happened to be watching NBC’s coverage of Kona 1997 and saw the drama at the finish line as Wendy Ingram crawled past Sian Welch and from that moment on I was captivated. As a quick aside, people will often post the video of the Ingram-Welch finish on social media, what is commonly left out is that dramatic finish was the race for third place at Kona 97—which if you think about it, really makes that two competitors crawling the last few feet all that more inspiring. What a truly amazing sport. It’s a sport that is both accessible and impossible, truly running the spectrum of human emotions. I dare say that this is one of the last sports where the pure amateurs mingle with seasoned professionals. You want to see evidence of this in action? Go to any local sprint-distance race and see who gets more cheers. The super fast almost-pro who dominates the race or the lady in her 60s who finishes dead last?

I have been around the sport for a number of years. I got my brother in law into the triathlon right after he graduated high school. He has gone on to win several age group honors and spent many years on the Marine Corp Triathlon Team. My wife has raced two or three times a year since then and as such, I do decent bike maintenance and transition set up for my tri-team. I’m a great one man cheering section but I’ve never taken an elbow to the gut during an open water start or had a lace break on the chute out of T2. So as I start blogging, I also start my own personal journey towards my first Half Iron Distance race in Tempe this October.

So if you’re still with me as I wrap up this first blog; (a) you have something in common with the mice in the garage and (b) thank you. My plan here is to simply document my time training for Tempe 70.3 and any intermediate races I happen to find between now and October. I also hope to offer some beginner tips and tricks that I pick up along the way. By all means, if you have any tips for me I’d love to hear them.

Thanks again for reading and in closing I’ll leave you with this:
The cat who I now call Dallas 4000 (or Dallas New Tri-Bike). Once he’s back on the job, it will all be worth it…


And the 1997 Women’s Kona Finish just in case you needed some inspiration to go out for that run…

Sian Welch & Wendy Ingraham – The Crawl – 1997

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