Finding the Beginner Triathlon Right for You

triathlonAs more people discover the triathlon, there is more pressure to create easier competitions. One of the events which are becoming more common is the beginner triathlon. Quite often this is an event which is held at the same time as other more intense races. This creates unique opportunities which were not previously available. It is great whether you are just getting started yourself or if you have people in your life which you are trying to get into triathlons. You can be competitor or spectator depending on what is right for you.

Who Puts on Triathlons

The beginner triathlon is held by different organizations. If you are looking for one to get involved in, you can often find it online as well as through bike shops, gyms and athletic suppliers. These events will often be supported by local businesses as well as through the major athletic businesses. You will be able to find competitions for all skill levels if you only know the right places to look. You may also want to simply ask other people you know who have competed in triathlons in the past as to where they found out about the triathlon.

A Triathlon for the Entire Family

Often the beginner triathlon which is right for you is one which will include the entire family. This way you can either enter into an experience level or an age group. This way you will not be judged based upon your ability to compete with those who are highly skilled in triathlons. These events are quite often more about fun than they are about the actual competition. This will help you to get one under your belt before you start training for a real event.

Charitable Events

Charities will often hold triathlons to raise money. To get as many people to enroll and donate money as possible, they will have all skill levels available. The beginner triathlon at these events is a very low stress environment. Once again, it is really more about having fun than it is actually about the competition. There is no better way for you to cut your teeth in the world of the triathlon than by competing in an event where the proceeds are going to a good cause. You will get experience while doing something to help out others.

Training for the Triathlon

No matter if you are competing in a beginner triathlon or a more intense one, you need the right training. This will allow you make it through the triathlon without succumbing to injury. This is important to make sure your first triathlon will not be your last. Make sure you devote the right amount of time to training in all of the different sections of the triathlon. For most people the swimming section of the triathlon is the part which they need to train the most for. This is because swimming is not something many people do just for exercise. Follow a good training guide to make sure you can gain experience without injury.

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