Effective Swim Workouts for Triathletes

paddleboardsTraining for a triathlon is never an easy task. You not only push your body to the edge, you need to engage in specialized forms of training to get the performance you need. This is as true for swim workouts for triathletes as for any other section of the race. The reason why the exercises are so important is because you need to train your upper body to be strong enough to do the majority of the work. This way you will be able to save your leg muscles for the other two sections which are ahead.

Using Paddleboards

One of the many swim workouts for triathletes is to use paddleboards. These will help you to find the strengths and the weaknesses in your stroke. They will also help to develop the muscles you use to pull your body through the water. Because the paddleboard is a thin piece of hard plastic, you will recognize it immediately if you have your hand at the wrong angle. Your hand will slice through the water rather than meeting with great resistance. As long as you are using a good stroke, you will feel resistance the whole stroke. The more resistance, the more power you develop.

Using Floaters

Another effective method of swim workouts for triathletes is to use floaters. These are little more than cylindrical pieces of Styrofoam connected by tethers. What you do is clench the tethers between your legs. You then swim through the water without kicking your legs. You will have only your upper body to pull you through. The floater creates drag, but more importantly, it prevents your lower body from sinking towards the bottom of the pool. This prevents you from using your legs at all.

Closed Fist Training

One of the swim workouts for triathletes seldom heard about is the closed fist training drill. This is a method by which you will dig your fingers into your palms as you swim. This will force you to use your forearms as a paddle to move you through the water. This is a good exercise to use with floaters as you will not be going very fast. Do not use your legs and concentrate on how your arm is moving through the water. This will help to make sure your arm will combine with your hand to create a great force to propel you through the water.

High Intensity Interval Training

A training method used as swim workouts for triathletes among others is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This is a method which includes short intervals in which you are swimming as hard as you can for about a minute and then taking a thirty second break. This is used because a 15 minute workout will be more effective than a thirty minute workout. The level of workout will train your muscles to be more powerful for the big day. The secret is the fact your body will continue to be effected long after you get out of the pool.


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