Conquering the Swim in the Triathlon

better-triathlon-swimThe majority of the athletes that are participating in triathlons actually have a fair bit of reservation when it comes to the race’s swimming portion. Even good swimmers still have reservations regarding the swimming leg of the triathlon event, and it would be crazy not to be a little worried about the requirements of this particular part of the race.

The swim happens to be a real challenge for a number of different reasons, including the fact that the swimming portion of the race is going to dictate how the remainder of the race is going to go for you. If you end up having a rather lousy swim, then you are likely also going to have troubles when it comes to getting back mentally into your original race plan. If you end up having a good swimming portion on the other hand, then what you are going to be doing is setting yourself up for a really good race.

No matter how well you end up doing on your swim, you are still going to have to contend with what are known as pre race jitters. You are also going to have to deal with the contact during the start of the swim as well, and the sheer amount of exhaustion that comes with the territory of this race. So what can you do in order to improve? Here are some tips that you may want to consider.

  • First, become confident regarding your swimming ability.You should get a swimming coach that can look after your swimming form, offering you feedback. The approach that you take here should be focusing on improvement in one or two of your greatest flaws so that you can refine your stroke. If you have access to an underwater swimming camera then you can fine tune your stroke even more by watching your performance and tweaking your swimming.
  • Practice your start. After you take a bit of a short warm up in your pool or any place else, you should allow your heart rate to return to normal and then go really hard for around 100 to 200 yards before you settle into the pace that you use for racing. This is going to allow you to get more accustomed with racing because you are normally going to go hard at first before you settle into your pace.
  • Try swimming blind. This is a good drill, involving practicing with your eyes closed. Do not try this in any place where there are other swimmers because you are likely to go off course a bit when swimming blind. This is going to help you become more in tune with your body while swimming since there is nothing to distract you.

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