Recovery Food and Drinks


One of the most asked questions is what to eat after a workout? Although you are making progress during the workout it is after that you can make the most gains. Working our muscles breaks them down, making tiny micro tears into the muscle fibers. Recovery is when our bodies repair the tears and make […]

Competing While Injured

stress fracture 460

“Injuries suck mate. Don’t make it worse.”  Thanks doc, but if ONLY I had heeded this fair warning. What I initially thought was just shin splints would later turn into full blown stress fractures. And why? Because I’m a hard-headed, over determined fool that didn’t listen to my body or my doctor. All those pats […]

Conquering the Swim in the Triathlon


The majority of the athletes that are participating in triathlons actually have a fair bit of reservation when it comes to the race’s swimming portion. Even good swimmers still have reservations regarding the swimming leg of the triathlon event, and it would be crazy not to be a little worried about the requirements of this […]