Planning ahead…

One of the most difficult things I’ve learned in the last year is that to be a successful triathlete, you have to plan ahead. I am notoriously bad about planning because as soon as I have a plan in my hand or head, the details become overwhelming and kill the plan with fire and then […]

Getting Stronger Without Getting Slower

Strength Training for Triathletes

Generally, triathletes are a collection of individuals who are extremely committed and goal-oriented. They do not have one discipline but three to train. This calls for a great deal of dedication in regard to time, energy as well as self control. It is therefore not surprising that when not involved in training, normally, extra workout […]

My very biased review of the Garmin Forerunner 920xt


To get it out of the way as to where my bias lies…allow me to present my Garmin collection: The Forerunner 201 dates back to 2004, I bought it on a whim and it allowed me to fall in love with running all over again. Since then I have logged thousands of miles and its […]

How to Get to the Finish Line


There are many different reasons that a person may decide that they would like to compete or participate in a triathlon, do one of the multiple types of cycling, swimming or running and more. These are all activities that many people find enjoyable but are also all activities that take training. One of the main […]