Recovery Food and Drinks


One of the most asked questions is what to eat after a workout? Although you are making progress during the workout it is after that you can make the most gains. Working our muscles breaks them down, making tiny micro tears into the muscle fibers. Recovery is when our bodies repair the tears and make […]

Nutrient Needs of Athletes


We all know about carbs, protein, and fats, but there is a whole other set of nutrients that we can get from what we eat we especially need as athletes. Yes, take your vitamins and I would pay extra close attention to athlete specific vitamins such as Enduro Packs, and First Endurance Mlti V. These […]

Learn to Run the Safe Way


There are more people running than ever before. This is because they want to stay in shape and running seems to be a great way to accomplish this goal. The problem is many people never take the time and learn to run. This can cause you to become injured and get turned off from running. […]

Preventing Injuries While Triathlon Training pt 1


In our athletic careers, many of us have experienced injuries. Some of these setbacks only seem to sideline us for a couple of days or a couple of weeks while others are capable of ending our careers. It is important that you learn how to listen to your body before you end up injured beyond […]

Preventing Injuries While Triathlon Training pt 2


Preventing Injuries When Running Running is actually the sport of the three that is most capable of causing injury. Running injuries are unfortunately quite rampant, and most runners have certainly received a fair share of running injuries. Here are some tips to improve your technique and your gear so that you can prevent injuries while […]