The New Generation of Biking Clothing


Many people into biking can tell you about the days when all biking clothing was made out of spandex or some other kind of material which does not breath. They will also tell you horror stories about not wearing the right clothing while biking. The good news is there are so many different kinds of clothes […]

Choosing the Right Triathlon Bike pt 2


You are really going to want to choose a bicycle that fits your body perfectly, comfortable, and also fits your budget. You can buy an extremely expensive bike, but if it does not fit your frame, then it is completely worthless when it comes to meeting your bicycling needs. The final issue that you are […]

Choosing the Right Triathlon Bike


The biggest step in figuring out what type of bike you should ride in for your triathlon is to determine what kind of money you have in your budget for the right bike. This is going to be absolutely the biggest factor in helping you to determine which bike is best going to meet your […]

Choosing the Best Road Bike for You


One thing which cyclists can agree on is the idea that no two people agree on the best road bike. This worries many people who are in the market to buy a new bike. They want to choose a bike which is best suited to their needs. The only problem is finding out which bike […]

Womens Bicycles


Too many people think about the design which was made popular in the 1800’s for womens bicycles. These had a low sweeping top tube to accommodate a dress. These days there is no longer a need for the low top tube. There is however, still a need for a different design in the bike. This […]